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My name is Sloan, this is my art blog!

Talk to me because I am totally shy but I want all the friends! Add me on skype (kreedkafer) or steam!

Monsters Lurking

Gym Leader Sloan wants to fight!

i’m a grass gym leader deep in my heart. i also have rose petals floating around me deep in my heart. the trainers in my gym are all rich and my gym is a country club.

» you should draw yourself or your OCs as a type specific trainer or gym leader, and tag it with #tumblr type trainers. let’s make this “a thing” «

(also i made a blog for it hu hu hu)

also choose a team which i’m going to try to do but the problem is choosing just 6 grass pokemon. but i’m gonna do it

first battle:




rich boys and ladies hang in my sweet ass country club gym:


December 22, 2012 - 12:00am [1 year ago]

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