1. let me tell you bout my lesbian trans harry headcanons

  2. me and some friends are gonna try to play dnd sometime soon so i tried to draw the dragonborn wizard character i rolled

  3. so my intuos5 is officially dead, about a month out of warranty……… i finished this up with my housemate’s intuos 3 which makes me feel like a caveman. a caveman who is filled with gratitude as they smash a rock with another rock that their friend kindly let them borrow.


  4. cyclopette:

    i’m going out in a bit but you should follow me on twitter because im gonna try to use tumblr less and, like, i dont know, everyone should love me all the time on all social media probably


  5. i love this slonna!!

  6. got dis illuminati witch outfit

  7. i WOULD be a pretty bad detective

  8. bryan lee o’malley’s book Seconds is so good, man. i read it for the first time a few weeks ago and i’ve reread like three times… since then… it’s really 100% my jam

  9. things, though: if you send me an ask here, to effsie, i won’t see it until the next time i log in to post art because most of the time i’m on my personal blog, which is here. so if you wanna talk to me and you send an ask to cyclopette, that would be better

    i’d also say you can add me on skype but it is like the WORST, just the worst, it’s always messing up for me. but i do have steam, and you can add me there if you want. but please tell me if you do that or i will be v confused.

  10. warms up by drawing these ugly children that happened in tomodachi life

  11. i want to draw nightman every time i look at his fantastic eye makeup, so..


  12. ztacey:

    having a savage garden nostalgia night i fucking love savage garden so fucking much 

  13. sorry for posting cute girls and nothing else

  14. goin to spider prom

  15. i need someone to stand behind me and tell me what to draw at all times or i just do, like, this