1. colourful sketches of people sitting at unseen tables

  2. old ocs best ocs

  3. gargoyle girl ft tasteful underboob

  4. big teeth aw ye

  5. definitely a secret werewolf

  6. a lil toon girl i guess?

    i have to put a lot of white around the edges of these so they don’t look really awfully warped

  7. a lil weetch

  9. i’ve been feeling old i’ve been feeling co-o-old

  10. a dum head

  11. Grimes looks like she’s simultaneously from the distant future and a fairy kingdom¬†and that is really a look i’d like to aim for, personally.

  12. sharleen was peer pressuring me to post things i drew @ drawing group

    also i tried to make pretty digital versions but the peer pressure is too strong to resist for long

  13. here some crap

  14. i caught a bit of a breakfast show this morning where they were talking about fat girls posting bikini pictures on social media and the show hosts seemed pretty cool about it mostly but THEN they implied that the only reason it was ok was.. so you could use it as a “before” picture when you’re eventually skinny

    like nah man… nah… fat girls are people and not things that will eventually be people at some point in the future. they can take pics of whatever they want, just because.

    anyway here’s a pic of a fat girl in a bikini with some stupid blue lighting

  15. who let me have this tablet